Loading a moving truck for the when moving houses or offices is usually overwhelming. One of the biggest challenges when loading a moving truck is to do it in a way that doesn’t damage your things or hurt you. But if you have knowledge of how to do it, the process will be easy. Follow these expert tips on how to properly and safely load your moving truck.

Tips on Loading

Use furniture padding to protect wood surfaces and corners.

You can rent out padding from a truck rental agent. It’s worth it as your belongings will be protected, and you won’t knock yourself on the corners. Padding also makes it easy to slide in heavy items into the truck.

Disassemble furniture

This will make it easier to pack and lighter to carry. This includes bed frames, tables, and desks, longer items such as lamp parts and bases as well as ski poles. You can put these items inside a rolled up carpet, and then tape it closed.

Proper Form of Loading

Heavy Objects

Load these first. Always start loading at the front of the truck or van (toward the cab) and work your way towards the back. They should be in an upright position and at opposite sides to balance the moving truck.

Large and Heavy Boxes

The heavy boxes should not contain any fragile items. Pile up the items from the floor to the top as if you are putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Place them in the center of the back of the truck to complete an “I” formation.

Lighter Boxes     

The lightest boxes should be on top of the heavier boxes, placed in rows until they reach the top. Fill the space between the boxes and the ceiling of the truck with soft items such as bags filled with linen, bedding or clothing.

Desks and Tables

If there is enough space, these items should go at the center of the truck with heavy boxes underneath them if there is enough space.

Mattress and Box Springs

These should occupy one side of the moving truck. Place them standing upright against the wall of the moving truck.

Sofas and Couches

Let these occupy the other side opposite the Mattress and Box Springs. This will in addition balance the truck.

Fragile Items and Awkward Shapes

Pack these last. To make sure they don’t move around during transit, the best places are in cubby holes like underneath desks and tables, and beneath chair legs.

Lastly, stuff the holes

Anything that is not fragile such as bags of clothes, blankets, linens, and towels should be stuffed into holes and spaces that don’t have anything. The same goes for garage items, hangers, shoes, and boots.

How to not hurt yourself

To avoid hurting your muscles is good to a general knowledge of how much weight the item you are loading carries. It is also important to wear anti-slip gloves for a better grip. Use lifting straps and resist the urge to throw items.

Furthermore, do not carry the items yourself to the moving truck. Use the right equipment such as a hand cart or a dolly cart, a pallet, a lift truck or a vacuum lift to make your life easier.

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