Moving Abroad Costs & Checklist

Moving abroad to start a new life, or simply experience a new culture has become a prevailing act for many people today. The desire to see and understand the world, and themselves, better prompts many to embark on the journey to a foreign country. This natural desire to explore has been infused by the global world we live in, where media and communication technology has allowed us to see the world the way people could not before. Yet, whether you are moving permanently or for defined period, there are things you should consider and plan before moving abroad.

Moving Abroad Advice and Tips

Moving to a foreign country? Before you do that, you should determine:

  1. What country do you want to move to?
  2. Can you live and work freely there or do you need a visa?
  3. What do you know about the culture? Do you know the language?
  4. Have you secured a job abroad?
  5. Do you have enough savings to start the new life?

These are major aspects to consider when moving abroad. Deciding where and why you want to go is essential, just as it is to have the financials to make it happen. Proper planning and arrangements will enable you to truly enjoy the moving to a different country.

Determine the Country

If you already know where you are moving to, then skip this paragraph. If not, here is our moving abroad advice on how to determine where to move to.

Whenever you decide you want to move abroad, you have to settle on the country first. Having an idea of what you are looking for is the first step. Then you may want to look at some surveys rating countries around the world, which will help you find out more facts. Some favorite locations are Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France as these are some of the most developed democracies and social systems in the world. Yet you should be guided by your own criteria. Some people are looking for more favorable climate or cost of living, or specific job opportunities. The countries mentioned above attract many because of all those elements including abundant leisure activities available. However, you have to decide where to move based on your personal aspirations for a new life in a new country. Focus on a place that best fits your goals and then compare the pros and cons of the country. The best way to make your decision is to go visit the country you have pinpointed. That is how usually many future expats decide on the country they want to go, by spending an extensive vacation there.

Can you Live and Work Freely in that Country

Do you need a visa?Before moving, check the foreign company regulations and license specifics and research about working permissions for you and your family.

That is quite an important question to research on once you have picked the country. What are the requirements for foreigners to live and work legally in the given country? United States for example has strict requirements on how foreigners can enter and reside in the country. Requirements vary depending on the country you are emigrating from. Many countries have a points based entry system that evaluates your skills and education level like for example Canada. Thus, check out the country’s immigration department website to find out what you need to do and what type of visa you can obtain, if needed.

What do you know about the culture? Do you know the language?

If you are planning to move to a country with completely different culture and language from yours, then you will have to prepare yourself. A pre-move trip will surely help you get to know the country better, and may be you’ll learn a few words in the new language, but this will not be enough if you are planning to move abroad for longer. You will need to dig deeper into the new culture and language in order to settle and make yourself feel at home easier. Determine how much of an issue it will be to deal with the unknown, and you will to learn, because being able to chat with locals and read road signs will definitely make your new life more pleasant. You should also check which is the best time to move the the country you are about to visit. Depending on where the destination country is located and the seasons, you might want to postpone your relocation. Think about the local driving rules. Keep in mind that in countries like Australia and UK have special driving rules that might change your mind about moving your car overseas.

Have you secured a job in the foreign country?

As important as it is to know the country, it is even more important to find a job. Many people relocate due to a job opportunity or because their current company offer them new position abroad. In this case, you can tick this box on your moving abroad checklist. However, if you are about to hunt for a job abroad, you should start as soon as you decide on the country you are going and the work eligibility. You will have to take the time to check how realistic it is to find a job that will allow you to afford the lifestyle you want.

Savings to Start a New Life in a Foreign Country

If you are moving from USA to Mexico or Canada; or from Canada to The USA, then you could move to the foreign country by yourself. Still, we recommend contacting professional movers.

As part of this moving abroad guide, we will try to cover all aspects of your expat experience. Securing a job in the new country means that you will start depositing money in the bank as soon as you arrive. Yes, but not exactly. You probably won’t be getting your first check until one month after you start working, which means you have to have savings to rely on during that time. The company may even offer financial help and support with the move in the first few weeks before and after to help you prepare and settle. This may include visa handling, relocation expenses, finding moving abroad movers and calculating moving abroad cost, housing and healthcare coverage and other moving abroad details. Yet this is not always the case, and even if yours is, being prepared for unexpected expenses is a rule when moving abroad. This type of international relocation employs a lot of efforts, planning and expenses, thus, having a good chunk of savings will ease the process. It is even more important to have financial security if you are moving abroad without securing a job first. You never know how long it may take you to find a job and how well paid it will be. Therefore, financial security will give you the peace of mind you require when moving abroad. Especially if you are relocating to a more expensive city like Vancouver, Canada.

Finding Affordable Movers

One of the most important things to remember when moving to a foreign country is to find reliable moving companies that can handle the relocation process. There are so many questions to ask movers when moving internationally. Before hunting for professional movers for your upcoming move, you should set your moving budget right. Try our fast and easy moving cost estimator for a complete calculation on your upcoming move abroad. If you are moving a big American city with the USA, check our city moving guides.

Nowadays, many people are ready to take a jump and move abroad. Yet, no matter how much you enjoy adventures, moving abroad tips will help you “survive.”  There is a lot involved in moving to a foreign country and you should be prepared for the tests life in the new country will give you. Expect our Moving Abroad Checklist with specific moving details, and let us know about your moving abroad experience.

People want to experience the world and nowadays this opportunity is easy to accomplish more than ever before. To decide where and why you are moving is essential, yet to know how to prepare and organize your moving abroad is just as important.

Moving Abroad Checklist part II

It is a well-known fact that moving is one of the most stressful events in life, after death and divorce. Imagine then that international moving would be even more intricate and taxing on you and your family. Don’t put off and start planning your relocation because there are millions of things to do. Nothing will help you better than a good, old-fashioned moving checklist.

Plan your moving budget

Plan your international moving according to your budget. Moving abroad could be quite expensive and you have to plan it according to your financial situation. Consider all possible charges which moving abroad involves, and set a budget that will allow you to have a comfortable relocation. When you hire a moving company their quote will usually include all the possible charges, thus make sure you discuss them with the movers.

If you don’t use it, lose it!

The less stuff you take with you when moving, the cheaper the relocation will be. Check your rooms, basement, attic, and garage thoroughly and decide if you do need everything you own. You will surely find items and clothes you will never use again and can give away. Donate them, give to friends and family, put in storage, or organize a moving abroad garage sale. A garage sale is a nice option as it can bring some money in your pocket.

Take a snap, and then pack!

Packing is the most time-consuming part of the moving process. Before you start packing though, take pictures of your items and make sure you keep them. International moving means that your items will most likely be loaded and unloaded more than twice, so take all precautions you can to protect them.  You may consider snapping photos only of the most valuable furniture and items you are moving with you abroad and then purchase full value protection. Then take inventory and start packing and labeling. Organize the boxes by room and categories you will easily recognize. Do not put the most valuable items all in a few boxes rather disperse them.

Packing and moving supplies

After you are done being Santa Clause, and had a garage sale it is time to think about the packing materials. It is very important to pack things properly as they will travel overseas. Make sure you get professional moving boxes and wrapping materials in advance. Decide whether you will pack everything yourself or will leave some for the movers. Keep in mind that professional movers know how to pack for international moves, and if you are not sure, it is better to leave it to them.

Contact moving abroad movers

Moving internationally rarely happens without the help of a professional moving company. Shop around for the best quote and compare rates and moving abroad services. Moving to a foreign country is a serious undertaking and it involves dealing with customs, and possibly a third party moving company. Thus, make sure the movers you hire will take care of all the stages professionally.

One thing is clear: you will need to find international movers with years of experience in moving household items to various countries around the world. You need a country to country mover that knows the relocation process in perfect details and understands exactly what it takes to achieve a problem-free move abroad.

Consider checking the international movers ratings, read testimonials and moving reviews – recent customer reviews will surely tell you a lot about the level of professionalism and work ethics of overseas moving companies. Your very first step? Learn how to estimate moving costs by asking top-rated international moving companies to visit your home and perform a visual inspection of the things you want to take with you to another country altogether. After the in-home survey, you will receive precise international moving quotes that will help you make the right choice in terms of professionalism and affordability.

Moving abroad costs

Let’s talk about money now. After you have thought about your budget and decided what exactly you are moving with you abroad, you draw the line and get the total bill. Moving abroad entails quite a few possible additional charges and fees a professional international mover should inform you about, such as booking deposit and customs forms handling. Moreover, moving insurance must be obtained. You should discuss that with your moving abroad agent as well as all details about moving abroad costs.

Besides preparing the move, arrange personal affairs:

  • Shop around for cheap airfare. Plane tickets are expensive when you travel internationally, so make sure you get a good deal.
  • Reserve a hotel, if you haven’t yet found a rental in your new country.
  • Notify institutions for your relocation abroad. Call utility companies, banks, schools, libraries and any other organization you are a member of.
  • Get eye and physical checkups prior your leaving, and inform your doctor for your moving abroad. Collect all your medical history that you may need in the new country.
  • Check your tax obligations to the US and the new country as well. Income you earn abroad may be subject to US taxing, so check with your accountant or the IRS. Collect all documents about real estate and other properties you own, and tax forms.
  • If you are moving with kids, investigate schooling abroad and educational system of the new country.
  • Shipping a car overseas will cost you additional money. If you are moving your car with you abroad, check if the moving company you have hired offers auto transportation. If they don’t they will find an auto shipper for you and then add the cost to your final bill.

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